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You get access to full, unrestricted functionality and can have your fun with this Texas 6 hour driving course. This will give you a chance to see how the program fits into your schedule and decide whether you want to continue. What if you realize that this is not something you were looking for (highly unlikely, but hey, we had to mention it)? You can request a refund and get your money back: there are no down payments, no obligations, no questions asked.

The first portion of the Texas adult drivers ed course covers the first two modules of the program – “Introduction” and “Your Driver's License”. Every module is accompanied by a number of self-assessment practice tests that will help you gauge your progress.

From this point on, you will take a deeper dive into the world of driver safety, Texas traffic laws, road signs and traffic regulations. This is what you get with your Texas adult drivers ed course:

  • A 6-hour equivalent driver's education course online that is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • A state-recognized Texas adult driver education certificate delivered free of charge (you need this one before you can take your Texas driver's license test)
  • Exceptional customer service to help you with the journey
  • Fresh course materials that don't look as if they were created before the Internet was invented

Your adult driver education certificate is emailed to you ASAP (most of the certificates go out the same day the course is completed and never later than the following business day) so you can visit your local DPS office and pass the driving test without delay.

Under the hood
Take a peek at what you'll learn with your Texas drivers ed program

Course Introduction

15 minutes

This is your introduction to the NextDoorDriving.com driver’s education course for Texas adults. Produced in accordance with the Texas Transportation Code (TC) and the official driver’s handbook, this comprehensive course contains all the information you will need throughout your driver’s training. Before you start studying, this introduction will give you a brief overview of the subjects covered during the Texas 6 hour driving course.

Your Driver’s License

20 minutes

Every state resident needs a valid Texas drivers license to drive a vehicle on any public roadway or to leave a vehicle in a public parking facility. If you are a new resident of the state who wishes to drive on Texas roads, you are legally required to obtain a Texas driver’s license within 90 days of becoming a resident.

Within this module, you will also learn about the importance of obeying traffic laws and the penalties that may be assessed against your driving record should you commit a traffic violation.


45 minutes

Right-of-way is perhaps the most important concept you will study as a new driver. When a driver has the right-of-way, it means they currently have permission to pass over a section of roadway. The rules governing right-of-way will come into play in dozens of different driving situations, on practically every journey you make. Whenever two motorists wish to occupy the same section of roadway at the same time, right-of-way rules will determine who goes first. Understanding and respecting right-of-way is essential, as it allows road users to avoid conflicts that could impede traffic flow or cause a collision.

Within this module, you will also learn how to apply right-of-way rules on Texas public roads.

Traffic Control Devices

40 minutes

Road signs, traffic signals and pavement markings are crucial topics in your Texas adult driver’s ed program. Your knowledge of these traffic control devices will be assessed during the DPS permit test and will ensure you can drive on our nation’s roadways safely, while abiding by the rules of the road. This section contains essential information about signs, signals and markings and should be used to support your learning, alongside the official Texas drivers handbook.

Controlling Traffic Flow

1 hour 20 minutes

The term “traffic flow” describes the movement of traffic and interactions between individual travelers using the Texas highway transportation system. In an ideal situation, traffic would flow in a continuous and orderly manner, to allow the maximum number of road users to move through a stretch of roadway in the shortest possible time. Traffic laws, traffic control devices and the layout of a road are designed to keep traffic flowing smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Alcohol And Other Drugs

40 minutes

Your responsibilities as a driver and alcohol do not mix. As you will have learned already, a Texas driver’s license comes with a legal and moral responsibility to do everything within your power to avoid injuring yourself, injuring other road users or damaging property. The only way to completely eliminate the risk of these events occurring is not to drive at all. Every time you get into the car, you entertain the risk of being involved in a crash.

Cooperating with Other Roadway Users

55 minutes

Driving a motor vehicle is both a privilege and a serious responsibility. The actions you take while behind the wheel will impact your safety and the safety of all other road users nearby. To become a good, safe driver you must know the rules of the road and respect them. This includes having a sound understanding of correct driving procedures in different situations, developing a good attitude toward laws, and toward other people using the road. Courtesy must always be shown to other road users.

Managing Risk

40 minutes

There is no way to avoid risk altogether while driving, as it is an inherently dangerous activity. Though, you do have the power to influence the level of risk you are exposed to in a positive or negative way. Every decision and action you make while in the driver’s seat will either decrease or increase the risk of an accident or collision occurring. Before following through with any action, you must weigh up how risky you consider that action to be and decide whether the level of risk is acceptable.

Classroom Progress Assessment

25 minutes

You've come so far! Now all that is left is the final test! The exam for your Texas 6 hour adult drivers education course has 30 questions and may take up to 30 minutes to complete. Please note that you will not be able to take breaks during the exam and will have to start it from the beginning should you exit in the middle of the test.

Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know so you can nail your Texas adult drivers ed
Is this Texas adult drivers ed course state-approved?

Yes. Our course is TDLR-approved and meets all requirements for state-mandated adult driver education. Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Texas adult driver education certificate which the DPS will accept in support of your driver's license application.

How long does the driver’s education program take to complete?

All state-approved Texas driver license classes online take at least 6 hours to complete - this is one of the TDLR requirements and there is no way around it. While there are no online courses for drivers license that would be shorter than 6 hours, there are quite a few lengthier programs out there.

Our adult driving course takes exactly 6 hours to complete - not a minute longer than what the state requires it to be. However, this does not mean that you are missing out on something - the drivers ed course is packed full of useful materials! Those who wish to spend more time working through Texas traffic rules and driving laws are welcome to do so - there is no maximum amount of time allocated for the course!

How many attempts do I have to pass this Texas drivers ed course?

You have unlimited chances to pass. Our students are free to take the final Texas adult driving test as many times as it takes to hit a passing grade. However, our online drivers ed is so effective that you have an excellent chance of passing first time (providing you work through each module and do not just skip to the end test).

Does the drivers license online class expire?

No. The online drivers ed for adults does not expire. Students are free to take as long as they need to complete it.

How do I get my certificate?

Your certificate will be emailed out to you within 24 business hours, once you have successfully completed the course. You also have an option to order a paper copy of the certificate to be sent to you in the mail. Instant certificate delivery is also available upon request for those who have a driving test coming up.

You will not be asked to pay an additional fee for your Certificate of Completion as it is included in the cost of the Texas 6 hour driving course.

Can I skip the DPS written test?

Absolutely! Students who successfully complete an online adult driver’s education course may take the written test as part of their driver's education class. This is a great opportunity since you will not have to deal with the stress and the uncertainty of taking the permit test at your local DPS facility!

Is the ITYD program included in the course?

The Impact Texas Young Drivers program must be completed through the DPS website, it cannot be included into an online 6 hour adult driver's education course. Once you are done with drivers ed, you may easily fulfil your ITYD and ITAD requirements online.

Taking drivers ed when you’re over 25

While the state does not mandate that driver's license applicants 25 years of age or older must take the 6-hour drivers ed course, all driver's license applicants should still consider doing so. The benefits of taking the course are clear:

  • you will not be required to take the written test at the DPS
  • you will learn the rules of the road you need to know for driving on Texas roads
  • you will qualify for a discount with most of the car insurance companies in the state

In most cases, the costs of a Texas adult driving course are offset by the discount you receive for your car insurance, and there is no price tag on being able to take the written knowledge test at home!

Can I request a refund?

It is important to us that every student is 100% happy with the course. We will issue a full refund if you submit a refund request within 30 days of your purchase, if for any reason you change your mind about your purchase. Refunds will be processed within 30 days of your request being approved. We cannot issue a refund to any student that has completed the full Texas adult drivers ed course and passed the final test.

Does this Texas driver license online course include practice tests?

Absolutely. There is a self-assessment quiz at the end of each section to help you gauge how much you have learned. There is also a final test at the end of the drivers ed course.

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